Last winter's knitting

I have lots on the needles right now… But it is knitting of the giftie kind, so details will be kept under wraps until all have been opened over the holiday.

But I wanted to share some knitting I did last winter for Audrey and Colton. I received Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Without Tears for my birthday…And while there were no tears, I’m not sure I could tell you how these little vests came together. Ms. Zimmermann instructs you how to use measurements and simple math to create your own pattern. My high school math teacher, Mr. Z would be so proud.

Seriously, I measured one of Audrey’s sweater, knit a test square, multiplied by inches and started knitting…It seem more like magic than math, but I have faith in both! The vests are not very sophisticated, the decreases at the neck are not even and I didn’t even attempt button holes, but they are super quick to make and are a nice winter layer. I made 7 or 8 for newborn and 1 year birthday gifts. I may even make one for myself this winter

Colton outgrew this little one quickly, he's one month old in this picture.

See, no button hole, just a little yarn loop to close the neck. And I have a new respect for the art of the decrease.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Craig’s dad and stepmom. Audrey is a big fan pum pie (pumpkin pie) and crem crem (whipped cream). We picked out a Christmas tree on Sunday. Audrey can’t stop talking about how we brought it home on top of the car… Oh, this season is full of wonders!

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