Vitamin D

So do you remember when I started this sweater?  Like forever ago, right?  Well I finally finished  Heidi Kirrmaier's Vitamin D last week.  It is a lovely sweater.  I love the eyelet back.   I know the color will make me happy all winter long.  But right now all I can see are my mistakes.  You know, those mommy brain mistakes.  Like loosing count on the short rows  (I think I'm four rows short on the first set).  And like when I stopped knitting mid-row because nap time was over and then when I picked it up again, I started purling purls instead of knitting knits.  Twice!  (Does that even make sense?!)  The only thing to do is un-knit to the mistake and start again.  I'm sure that, like my February Lady Sweater, when I've had some time apart from it I will fall in love with it again.  When I can look past the small  mis-knits and wear it very happily.

In the meantime, here's a little peek at what I'm working on for Colton.

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