Saturday Night Special

It was, as the saying goes, one of those weeks:  Too few naps and too many tears.  Pine needles in my hair, in the beds, well, everywhere.  Leaky diapers on the couch.  Spilled milk, literally.  Baby who wouldn't nurse and a very hungry toddler.  Mama, Daddy, Sister and Brother up at all hours of night. Leftover turkey.  By Friday we were exhausted. 

Saturday was rainy and quiet.  We took a walk downtown in the afternoon and came home to make apple pancake for dinner.  This is Craig's specialty.  A little different every time, but how can you go wrong with butter, flour, eggs, brown sugar, cinnamon and apples?

It was perfect.

 Here's to a new week, a calmer, happier week.  Happy Monday.

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