January set

 I've had a hard time settling into a winter routine this year.  Maybe because winter has had a hard time settling too.  I've been restless, not sure how to be in our house or out in the cold with both kids.  How to balance our at-home time and out activities. 

But this week, the weather turned and snow arrived and I surrendered.  We went out, gloved and booted, to see friends, run errands.  And we stayed at home, reading with Audrey, rolling over with Colton.  We eat oatmeal for breakfast and baked bread.

I love making bread.  I love the time, the forethought it takes, the warm oven, the smell.
I am not, however, very good at it.  Oh, the bread is always edible, but its usually dense and flat, too.   I'm never sure if the water is the right temperature to dissolve the yeast.  I fret over adding the last 1/4 cup of flour.  Its confidence I lack.  So when Ms. Posie  shared how lovely and easy this Dutch oven bread was, I had to try it.  The first rise takes 18 hours!  Perfect for a snowy day like Friday.  We ran some important errands in the morning (to enter a lottery for a community garden and to pick up a sled {see above!}), and by the time we got home the snow was coming down and the dough was ready for some work.  Just a little work, not too much. While it was baking I made this potato soup for dinner.   As the baked bread rested on the wire rack, the crust positively crackled. Really, this bread is easy and lovely.

This is a bread I will make again.  This week.  Confidently.

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