Audrey, at two

Sweet Audrey, you are turning two years old today and what a year you've had.  Just a year ago, you were learing to walk.  You were babbleing in a language only you could understand.  You were our only baby.  And now look at you:  walking, running, talking, singing and the best big sister around.

We have so much fun with you.  We took you to the zoo for the first time in the Spring and watching you watch the giraffes, with their reaching necks, I was amazed at your amazement.  In the summer, at the beach, you were fearless in the water, disregarding the temperature or the size of the waves.  Later, when Colton arrived and you became a big sister, it was as if you were always meant to be one.  Your curiosity, your concern, your obvious love for your brother fills my heart and helps me get through the times when things aren't so rosie. 

And now, in the middle of winter, I hear your voice in every waking moment.  You love to talk and have so much to say.  You tell us everything you see:  American flags, when Colton spits up, what you see out out the windows. You sing and sing and sing.  You answer every question we ask you with "Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full."  You lay in your big girl bed at night, surrounded by books and read until you fall asleep. 

Party photos taken by our friend Kent.  Thanks Kent for capturing the moment!

Happy Birthday, dear Audrey!  I hope all your wishes come true.

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