We visited a date farm while in Palm Springs last week, and as a souvenir brought home 3 pounds of pitted deglet noor dates.  Now I do enjoy eating a few just as they are, but 3 lbs is a bit much. So yesterday I started cooking with them.  First I made a date bread.  It baked for just over an hour and came  out of the oven a deep, dark brown.  Not overdone, just crisp and sweet with brown sugar.  For dinner I made couscous with dates and pistachios.  Delicious!  Sweet and crunchy, I'll make it again for sure.  The bread recipe came from our America's Family Test Kitchen cookbook and the couscous from The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show cookbook 2001-2012 that I got for my birthday.  I wish I could share a link to the recipes with you, but I'm just not a fan of cooking from my computer screen.  I love turning the sticky, splattered pages.  It's not so fun when spaghetti sauce soaks your computer!  So I will stick with my real books and get back to cooking.  There are still lots of dates to be baked!

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