Vitamin blue

So this post was supposed to be published last weekend, but it seems I am still learning the ins and outs of Blogger...so here it is today, a week late...but I'm still knitting, so it still works!
I must have been dreaming of oceans and lakes and summer skies last weekend when I picked up 1400 yards of this blue beauty to start this sweater.  Brown had been the color this winter season and my eyes are thirsty for something refreshing.  I think this is doing the trick.  (Hard to believe we were still digging out of from this storm last year!)

Its just a little intimidating to see all this yarn waiting to stitched into something.  This is by far the most intricate pattern I've ever worked and on size 4 needles it is slow going.  But I am realizing that with knitting, as with many things, I love the process, not just the end result.  I didn't even mind unraveling a few rows to fix a mistake. 

I hope to make some substantial progress this week.  And with any luck the work will last until I can get my daily blue intake from warm skies and cool water.

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