Grandmother's mittens

 My grandma, Martha, gave us a wonderful collection of kids mittens - mittens she knit for her own children. She made them when they lived in New York and my mom and her sisters spent the winter sledding and building snow forts. The family then moved to California with little need for mittens. Now we are in snow territory and although we didn't have much this year, I know Audrey and Colton will keep there fingers warm when sledding in years to come...made with love by their great-grandma.   

She had some advice for me if I ever made my own mittens: knit the cuffs a inch or two longer than the pattern calls for.  When she was a girl, sledding down the road in Pennsylvania, her arms would get chapped from snow sliding up her jacket.  The solution is to have a longer cuffs on your mittens!  It makes me smile to think of my grandma sledding.

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