Mile by Mile

As the days become warmer and warmer, we are driving less and walking more.  We are very lucky to live in a very walkable, bikeable town and I plan to take full advantages of both this summer. We live within a half hour walk of almost everything we could need - beach and lakefront, library, grocery and hardware stores, bakery, more good restaurants that we could enjoy in a year, yarn store, and a few friends' houses....This list goes on and on of lovely and useful places we can visit without having to drive. 

I'm so excited to add biking as a mode of transportation this summer.   Audrey is all about the bike trailer these days.  Colton, understandably, is still not sure...The helmet and all takes a bit of getting used to.  We're taking short trips to warm him up. 

In all seasons of the year we use our car infrequently, and this summer, with the addition of the bike trailer, I'm determined to use it even less.  I think with a little planning (and a little more time), we could manage most of our travel by foot or bike.  I am imagining a summer where Audrey and Colton go days and weeks without being in the car.  Where grabbing the keys is not a default, but conscious decision.   Where we see spring and summer and fall unfold as we walk and ride by, not through our car window.

We have to the ability to choose, mile by mile, how we arrive at our destination.   

Audrey's first photos, taken on our ride home from the lake. What a view she has. 

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