Mile by Mile - April review

Hello! How are you!? Ringing in spring, for real this time? We're good...we're busy. These two kids of mine...they are busy. Colton is on the move. Horizontally and vertically...yes, he's a climber. Got to keep an eye on that one. And Audrey is such a big girl. I am amazed at how independent she is, how confident she is, how much she wants to explore and touch and know. She is an amazingly kind big sister.

We've been biking. Not a lot, but more than a little. I find it harder to get mentally prepared for our bike trips than the actual biking. I feel cautiously confident biking with the trailer. I use hand signals. I would like to get a rear view mirror. I have to stand up on the peddles and really work to get our momentum going, but once we're moving I hardly feel the trailer behind me.

We have the route to our friends L and E's house down. The four of us biked to a birthday party. I took the bike and trailer to the grocery store twice (remember: shop like a woman who rode a bike to the store, not like a mom. Do not buy: 10 lbs of flour, 24 eggs, the big (glass) jars of peanut butter and olive oil, 2 gallons of milk and a box of diaper - at least on the same trip).

I hope we can do more biking this month.  I would like to plan two trips a week with the kids and continue grocery shopping with the bike some of the time.  If you're interested, I was totoally inspired by  this family's story.  And we're all really excited to have this right out our front door. 

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