On foot

That is a little walk through our neighborhood. I've taken this route down Davis St countless (like, seriously, 500? Maybe more?) times, but this time of year it feels brand new. Houses are obscured by great, leafy trees, and parkways bloom with unexpected color. Bunnies and squirrels and butterflies and woodpeckers pop out of the most peculiar places. Sometimes I have to check the corner street signs to get my bearings, with everything so dressed up and green. And people too.  I know I don't live in Oakland anymore, but early summer is a great time for people watching.

We made a quick trip downtown on Friday afternoon and peeked into the window at Bennison's. No cake decorating going on, but lots of lovely pastries to see. Audrey and Colton both fell asleep. I'm glad Audrey can sleep in motion. I can never nap in the car or on a plane, but Craig can and I think it’s a good thing to know how to do.
We had some excitement as our walk began. As we passed by Mason Park I noticed a small fire and promptly called 911. Maybe I overreacted (it was a pretty small fire), but when the fire department arrived, they asked me if I had a bottle of water to put it out. All I had was a sippy cup and we agreed that something more was needed to do the job right.  I was pretty embarrassed so we left before they extinguished the fire.   I’m probably on their list now, that crazy lady who called about a fire in the barbeque pit.  (It really had the potential to be dangerous, I swear!)

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  1. it's so beautiful where you are! Look at those gorgeous trees:)) ~ Barefoot Mama