Last week found us digging in the sand at the beach, running in sprinklers, dancing in the grass at an evening concert and in the company of friends. 

On Friday, we picked up some take out and headed to the lake front.  We were right by the dog beach, and the parade of animals walking by was so entertaining.  After dinner on our stroll home we came upon a troop of Marimba-ist.  Their music was soft, but strong and the sound of the seven of them together was like a wave gathering to its full height, then spilling out across sand and rocks.

Yesterday, Craig and I went kayaking out of the Evanston boat house. The water was perfect, blue and clam, showing only the wakes from passes motor boats.  There was hardly any wind, but we were cooled by the splash of our paddles and by dipping hands and feet in the water.  There is a small shipwreck just off the shore (that neither of us knew was there!), a 100 year-old, wooden schooner.  It was eerie to see it's bow reaching toward the surface, especially since Craig and I just finished reading this book about deep-water wreck diving. Without a doubt, we will be kayaking again this summer.  In fact, we will be doing all of the above all summer.

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