Garden Green

Early one steamy morning last week, I ran over to our community garden, just me and the bunny (can you see him in the back of the first photo?).  As I peeked in at all the growing, I spied our first eggplant!  Oh eggplant, how I love you. Please ignore the bindweed, keeping on top of it is a full time job!  Our tomatoes and carrots are coming along too.  There seem to be about a million blossoms on the tomato plants.  The only things we've harvested are the garlic and some lettuce.  The garlic exceeded my expectations, it is tender and fragrant.

Every visit to the garden still amazes me, that the plants are growing, thriving.  That it all just happens, in the sun and heat, the rain and wind.  In the middle of our very urban neighborhood.   Kind of like magic.

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