Mile by Mile - Rear View

We've been biking a lot.   The kids and I are both soooo much better at it than when we began.   We have a smooth system for getting helmets on and getting into the trailer.  I'm much better at navigating the best route to our destination.  I really love riding.  We ride down Lake Street to the lake and we pass a rose garden.  In the recent heat, the roses have been so fragrant.   

We mostly ride in the morning, when we all are rested and in a good mood, just to a friend's house or the park or the lake.  Sometimes when I look in my rear view mirror, Colton has his hand on Audrey's knee.  Sometimes Audrey is holding Colton's hand.  Almost always, Audrey is singing.  I can never tell what song it is, but lately she's taken to humming the Jeopardy theme. 

Also we got a new trailer!  It is amazing!  It is so smooth and light.  And it has a serious trunk in the back.  I can just pile in all the sand toys and the umbrella and towels and snacks and diapers...oh I love it!  

We're going camping soon.  It should be an experience...Wish us luck!

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