Yesterday morning there were five beautiful, dark purple eggplant growing in our community garden.  They were like buried treasure, hidden beneath their shady leaves.  You would almost miss them,  if you weren't looking carefully, they're low to the ground and blend in with the dirt.  They are a lovely vegetable, from delicate flower to delicious orb.  I have so enjoyed watching our two plants grow and thrive.

Tonight, after dinner I ran over to take a quick peek at them, and pull some weeds, and found only one remained.  *sigh*  We, of course, knew this was a possibility when we began.  (The eggplant were for sure taken by humans.)  I am trying to believe that the person who took them really needed them, really will enjoy them.  And I'm trying to be thankful for the one eggplant that was left and for the small blossom on the top of the plant.

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