Mile by Mile - The Nitty-Griddy

I've been riding my bike with the kids in the trailer for five months now and let me tell you, I love it.  The work out I get, being outside, the slow pace we take.  I love it all.  Which is not at all to say that its easy.   In fact a lot of things are really hard.

In no particular order, here are some of the hardest things:

Arriving at playgroup a hot, sweaty mess.  This is hard only on my vanity and as a mom I have very little vanity left.  But still, red faced and out of breath is not the look I'm going for.

Riding into a wall of wind that brings me to a compete standstill.  The trailer is one heck of a sail.  I put my head down, stand up on the pedals and push on.

Colton having a fit when I put on his helmet.  To be fair, he has a fit when he's buckled into his car seat too.

Other moms watching as Colton has a fit when I put on his helmet.  Oh, the pressure.

The voice inside my head that says I'm crazy for even attempting this with two kids.  Just get in your car already, lady!  But then I remember this mom and know I'm in good, crazy company.  If only I could look as cute as she does.

But despite these hardships and heartaches, I still think it's worth the work.  I'd like to keep riding through November, as long as there's no snow.  Already the cooler weather is making our rides easier.  So here we go, into fall on two wheels.(...or really four with the trailer.)