Sandy Waves

We are only being brushed by Sandy's long fingers, and are thinking of those who's lives and homes are in her path.

Her winds are blowing up choppy waves here.  The Californian in me says "Pshaw, this is nothing."  But after living on Lake Michigan for 5 year, I know this is a rare sight.  Even more unusual is the sound.  How I miss the crash and roll of ocean waves.

I'm between knitting projects at the moment and have been pouring over Raverly for inspiration.  I'm in the mood for a shawl or scarf.  These are in my favorites now:

This, in cooler tones

Ruffles in green maybe?

This one, just the way it is.

Although this hat would be quick and warm too.

I picked up a patter for a Henley pullover for Craig at my LYS.  Not sure what I was thinking since it will be a lot of work with uncertain outcome.  Craig said he'd be happy with slippers.

Happy Halloween, I'll post pictures of the kids tomorrow!

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