Hey, Chick Pea

I seem to be bumping into these gals everywhere these days… On my door step, discovered in cookbooks and all across blog land.

My neighbor brought us this deliciously sweet stew after Colton was born. It renewed my love to apricots too, so my neighbor gets double points. Chick peas roasted are the rage thanks to this smart mama…We like them with a little chili powder and cayenne. And I discovered a recipe for an eggplant and chickpea stew with tomatoes in William-Sonoma’s vegetable cookbook.

Do you soak your beans? Have any tips on getting good results? Do we just have to get used to the firmer texture?

We made these pumpkin muffins with some friends, no picture of the end result because they are all in our tummies. I substituted ½ cup all purpose flour for whole wheat and followed her notes on reducing sugar. I did not slather them with cream cheese frosting,even though the muffins looked cold without anything on.Is it just me or don’t you just want to eat this little sweet potato up? Probably just me. Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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