For him, felted

Around November 1st, I decided I would knit some of our Christmas gifts this year.  And right about November 5 I was asking myself if this was a good idea.   At first count, I planed to make two gifts...then three...then five.  The final number was nine. Nine!  Luckily the patterns I used were very simple and quick.  And it was nice to work with an end date in mind.  Every quiet moment  was spent knitting...just a few rows at a time...while nursing Colton...while singing to Audrey...while Craig played with both kids so I could knit.  It really was a family effort to complete them all.

For the guys, I made these felted slippers.  Very simple - just a rectangle sewn up. And very quick - on size 15 needles.  I made a few modifications:  I changed the toe closure and the dimensions for the extra, extra large feet in my family. 

The slippers are knit with two strands held together then felted, so they're super thick.  I'd never felted before and was pretty nervous putting wool in the washer on hot.  But I think everything turned out ok.

The pattern called to cinch the toe closed, like the slippers on the right, the first pair I made.  I ended up sewing the other three pairs like the ones on the left. 
I'd been wanting to knit some slippers for my dad since I learned to knit. I was inspired by the slippers my great-grandmother knit for my dad, we think possibly in the early 1990s.  I have looked at them many times hoping to be able to recreate them, but I was never able to.  
I hope my dad will be able to wear these slippers for as many years as he wore my great grandma's.

Next week I'll share the cowls I made for the ladies.

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