Thirty two candles

This week marks the beginning of a new year for me.  I never thought I'd be so excited to turn a year older, but I am so looking forward to this next year.  I have big plans!  Well, really I have small, just-for-me plans, but they make me really happy! 

The goals I have in 2012 are old and new interests of mine that have gone by the ways side in recent years.  (That can happen when you have two babies in 18 months, I guess!)  I am so thankful to have the energy, the desire, and (hopefully) the time do these things - for myself.

1.  Join a book club.  check!
2.  Train for a triathlon. (inspired by Brenda, Colleen and Alicia)
3.  Can my own tomato sauce.  (here is the first step)
4.  Knit something for Audrey, Colton, Craig and myself.
5.  Learn to take better photos with my camera.
6.  Every morning, brush my teeth. (please don't judge me, I have two kids under 2) 

Its snowing outside, we just got home from the aquarium, both kids are asleep and I have Downton Abby on the DVR.
Here's to a new year!

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