Short rows

Three months into Vitamin Blue and its coming together.  I'm knitting short rows right now, 36 to be exact, so its hard to see the progress, but its there, I can feel it.   There has been plenty of un-knitting, let me tell you.  But I'm motivated to finish this so I can start on a little something for Audrey.   A sweet sweater I'd love for her to wear it this spring.  The yarn is pink and cream and was meant to be a baby blanket for Audrey, but, well, a sweater will be just as nice. 

I wanted to join Yarn Along today, but I am too embarrassed to share what I'm reading.  Its not Shades of Gray embarrassing, but still not exactly classic literature.   Oh well, what the heck, here it is:  The Alpine Vengeance - book V in an A-Z mystery series, kind of like  Murder, She Wrote for the Pacific Coast.  Oh boy,  I've read 22 books about Alpine and Emma Lord.  Sheesh, I must really like them!

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  1. Its a gorgeous colour, I'm sure it will be worth all the knitting (and unknitting!)