Butterflies and Birthdays

Colton turned one year old yesterday.  I'm not sure how that can be, since when I look at him I see my little baby, ready to be tucked into the Moby wrap, snuggled and protected from the world.  In reality, the world is his playground.  Every dog and plane and bird and bunny and baby and crack in the sidewalk deserve his full attention and inspection.  And apparently, every butterfly and model train too.  We joined friends at the Chicago Botanic Garden this week and Colton couldn't have been more entertained.  He watched the butterflies, hundreds of them, for a long time before reaching out for a closer look.  Hummm...time to move on.  At the model train exhibit, Colton followed a train until it disappeared, then found another and followed it to the end of its track. Over and over and over again.

I love that Colton and Audrey are so different.  Colton's first year felt like having a first baby all over again because he does everything in his own way. Colton wants to be in the middle of the action, doing, participating.  Also, he is an instigator.  He can find all kinds of naughty fun.  Like.  Removing the heater grates and putting toys down the ducts. Climbing kitchen appliances.  Three kinds of trouble with every toilet in the house.  And he has a very exact system to determine which toy make the best noise when banged on the wood floor.  Oh Colton, you are so much fun.  We love you so.  Happy Birthday.

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