Green Tomatoes

I've been intrigued by fried green tomatoes for a long time, ever since the Whistle Stop Cafe and Ruth and Idgie and all.  The vhs is buried somewhere under our dvds, its cover worn from repeat viewings through high school and college.  One such viewing inspired a disastrous attempt at frying my own while housesitting for my band teacher.  (Actually the tomatoes belonged to Mr. A. Thanks for sharing!)  (guess I got what I deserved with the eggplant.)

So when my little garden "helpers" picked three firm and bright green tomatoes, I thought "Twanda!!  Let's fry us up some tomatoes!"

Soooo much easier than in high school, when I would have been, like, "What do you mean... GOGGLE fried green tomatoes?!?"

So anyway, I found these directions, topping the tomatoes with goat cheese and shredded radishes.  I put them all over bacon, but Craig still looked at me like I was cr-A-zee when I said, "This is dinner."  He promptly made himself a bacon quesadilla.  I love that man.  I also love fried green tomatoes.


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